The Mystery Behind Instagram Followers

My capstone project is off to a great start. I decided to create a Vegan Instagram profile that focuses on affordable and sustainable eating. Since I launched my profile a few weeks ago, I have gathered a lot of followers. However, most of my followers are not interested in my message. Did I fail at creating an online profile? Or are followers just not interested in my message, but just seeking other followers?

For a while, I contemplated this question. Random people would comment on my posts with links to irrelevant information. Also, some followers have been very help and provide real, true feedback. What is the difference? How can I detect a good follower?

In order to analyze this question, I started reviewing other (more famous) food profiles to see what people comment. I observed that comments vary. Some are really helpful, and other are irrelevant. Due to this, I have decided to stop worrying about other followers, and focus on being the best follower I can be. I have been commenting and liking posts that support my message. This has been a great success! I have been able to connect with profiles that has similar messages, and found inspirations for new recipes. Thus, I am excited to see where my social media identity takes me!

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