Writing 220: Connections and Disconnections

In rowing we talk a lot about connection, both as individuals on a team and as part of the actual stroke. Connection occurs (or is supposed to) at the catch, the top of the stroke. You’re fully compressed – legs bent, arms outstretched, fully loaded and ready to go. The second before your wheels stop and reverse direction, your blade enters the water; instant connection – or at least that’s the goal. Your blade is supposed to enter the water at exactly the right second and at exactly the right speed so you can pick the boat up and accelerate it as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s an art. I’m still learning.


This is the best I could find for a picture of me at the catch and It’s not really a great example of what the catch looks like but whatever. I’m the one in the middle. My eyes are in the process of rolling into the back of my head.
The pair in the front of this picture are the catch. I am not in that boat. I’m the person closest to the right edge of the picture.

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