Ethan Wolfe: Daily Speaker

On Tuesday, some of the Daily writers went to the newsroom to listen to Chris Herring speak. Herring is a Michigan graduate (’09) and currently serves as an NBA writer for FiveThirtyEight and ESPN. Formerly, he wrote for the Wall Street Journal and was an active writer/editor at The Michigan Daily in college.

Professionally, Herring stressed the significance of finding story angles and having an awareness about what you’re covering that will separate you from the pack. He said, “If you are good enough at what you do, then age and experience should be irrelevant.”

Herring also shared a number of personal writing stories. For example, at the end of his internship and WSJ in a hiring freeze, he hoped to find a story good enough to prove the editors wrong. With hours of researching and phone calls, he stumbled upon a story about a seal in Hawaii that was found in poor condition. After months of being nursed back to health, the seal sought human interaction, and created a location battle between the federal scientists who wanted him to remain in the water and the islanders who developed a relationship with the seal. The story by a then-21-year old intern made the front page of the WSJ.



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