Hudson Ling: Reflection on Clare Croft Writer-to-Writer Event

Last Tuesday, I attended the Sweetland Writer-t0-Writer live podcast at Literati Bookstore. It was really cool to see former classmates and friends Clare Croft and Sweetland professor Shelley Manis talk about the writing process. Although I don’t have any previous knowledge or experience about American dance, I really enjoyed the way her work ties into cultural policy, feminist and queer theory and critical race theory because I am currently studying language, art and discrimination in my linguistics class, LING 370. I enjoyed seeing what I’ve learned in that class come to life in Croft’s work.

While I enjoyed listening to excerpts from Croft’s recently published work, I most enjoyed the question & answer segment of the event: Everything from hearing that least favorite words were “Problematize,” to getting some advice on how to be a better writer.

It’s great to hear these things from someone who is not only an esteemed writer but also a teacher at the University of Michigan. But what inspired me most is that she combined the two things she loved the most growing up: Dance and Writing. In light of this, I look to find the connection between writing and another activity that excites me most, hoping to combine the two at one point.

I love getting new perspectives on the writing process. Everyone’s process is unique, and specifically with Clare’s process, I took away the importance of meshing two passions together to bring out our strongest writing.

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