Mixed Feelings: Max Rysztak


Having never been a fan of English classes in high school, I felt undecided on my opinions of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. As we intensely read and analyzed the book over the course of a few weeks, I realized that while I respected Harper Lee as an author, I – at the same time – both loved and hated the actual story. Parts of the novel simply were the worst thing I ever read. Other sections, were so entertaining I felt obligated to read past the required minimum. I think for me, Lee tries to throw too many themes into a single book. While it may be based on reality, and while all the themes are equally critical to a strong society, I vividly remember feeling like this book was “too much” as every now and then I’d roll my eyes. It’s story was incredibly interesting – but its deeper message felt (to me) too complicated to be meaningful. I think it was deterministic – I liked a lot of the story, but different aspects of the story had different (and too many, in my opinion, themes).

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