Pre Shitty First Draft :)

All in all, this was quite the shitty first draft reminder!! I hadn’t thought past the conceptualization, so physically creating turned out to be a new challenge. My initial question going into this writing was where the introduction belonged in my final product. Then I realized an introduction already implies belonging at the beginning… I suppose what I will decide is whether this piece will be the writing that readers first see before going on to my feature piece. Since it somehow morphed into a bit of creative writing, I wonder whether I will need more explicit explanation. Perhaps not… Anyway, this was quite tough for me to start. We’ve talked about conceptualizing this project for so long that I was at a loss for how to begin. To begin with, I didn’t know what tone my introductory piece would take. I began writing with a more journalistic, investigative tone only to realize it sounded way too much like what my actual product will be. So I started over – the only thing that got me going to was thinking back to why my topic matters to me. And so I went back to the night of the election and began describing. Once there, I understood the tone I wanted.

Writing a personal description of my experience during the election means that my liberal political leaning is most definitely exposed – I feel that this is necessary to the introduction, but also don’t want it to compromise my credibility when writing my feature piece. I try to show how I am aware of my own biases and the influence of my environment, but I’m unsure how this comes across. As I edit this piece I’ll work more on this aspect.

I feel that there’s a fine line between writing a somewhat investigative/research-based journalistic piece and exposing who you are as a person – this goes back to my credibility question. Once you add the knowledge of the all the flaws of personhood it becomes more and more difficult to take their word at face value. However, as my final minor in writing project it’s important to me to also explore why I felt a connection to this topic, especially one to which I wouldn’t have gravitated two years ago. When I feel stuck, it’s a great reminder that also helped me create my introduction.

To be prepared for the feature piece, I need to sit down surrounded by printed out research pieces all wonderfully highlighted and organized, and make an outline. I found that when I really sat down and focused on only creating, my writer’s block went away. An outline will aid in both my creation and my organization, so it’s a win-win. I also plan on rewatching Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story – it’s been too long since I saw the entire speech and that is another “go back to your roots” reminder.

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