Reading Experience – Mixed Feelings

Admittedly it has been some time since I have had the opportunity to read a book for entertainment. If I’m not reading a textbook, my main source of literary stimulation comes from reading about sports. Currently, my favorite writer, Shea Serrano¬†works for a website called The Ringer that produces pieces on a wide spectrum ranging from sports to popular culture. I was first introduced to Serrano’s twitter account, which I found especially appealing because of his comedic takes on NBA players and games.

The latest piece of his that I read was an article titled “If You Could Change NBA History, Would You?” which can be found here:

I enjoyed the premise of the article. I found it deeply creative and innovative. He doesn’t just ask the question that is the article’s title, he goes further and creates a somewhat plausible situation that makes the question relevant while also adding in¬†some comedic value.

Throughout the article, and in most of his writing that I have read, he has an incredibly relaxed, conversational tone. He has a very informal tone throughout, which is fitting for the genre.

I do not have many qualms with his writing, but if I was forced to choose a negative reaction I had while reading his article, it would be that he is not totally clear about his bias. If you are a long-time reader of his, you understand that he is a huge San Antonio Spurs fan. Some of the comments he makes are more understandable if you have this knowledge. If you are a first time reader, some of the sections won’t make a ton of sense (though using context clues you might be able to guess at his bias).

I cannot say that I have too many negative feelings toward any of Serrano’s writing, so this blog post might not be exactly what was asked for in terms of mixed feelings.

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