The Hunger Games: a love-hate relationship

In high school, I bought into the hype and started reading The Hunger Games. As I read these books, I became engrossed in the content and the story, but also questioned the writing style and the general way it was written. It seemed comically dramatic and I couldn’t help but think that this was written for a younger audience. Nevertheless, I was sucked into the unique concept of the actual hunger games and Katniss’ struggle. Then the next chapter would come around and I would roll my eyes at the romantic dynamic between her and Peeta, but couldn’t help but keep reading to find out how the book would finish.

When thinking about the relationship between this love-hate aspect of the Hunger Games, I think that the relationship is deterministic; I loved the story line and was compelled by the alternate society, which is dependent on the over-the-top dramatic and simple writing style


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