Advice to Gateway Students or Flick Sucks at Titles

This feels weird. I am a mere child who never feels like they are in a position to give advice, but here goes.

Speak up. I am queen of not participating in class (because I’m terrified of talking in front of people/being looked at, not because I’m a slacker, ugh). I was blessed with the most welcoming and accepting cohort who not only made me feel comfortable talking, but dealt with how annoying I am once I’m comfortable around people. Seriously, props to all of them. There’s a wonderful sense of community, and these people are here to help you both during your time in writing 220 and in your future endeavors. Embrace the people you’re with. On that note, be real friends!!! We made a class groupme, so now I can just bother them all whenever I want. Contact your classmates and ask them to read over your paper or bounce ideas off of them. Utilize each other.

Don’t try to plan your endings. I mean it. Don’t bother. Your papers are never going to turn out like you planned. It’s not worth it to try and shape something before you’ve written it, because it’s going to be turned on its head and shaken violently before being thrown out sideways as your final product. Safe yourself the energy and go into projects with an open mind. It’s way more interesting that way. Surprise yourself.

Harass your teacher! I don’t know where I would be without T’s help. I’m not joking, I think I sent her 7 emails in one day once. Oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be like me. T probably wants to block my email address and is lucky she only has to deal with me in class twice a week, BUT your teacher has lots of knowledge and is going to be a great resource for when you get stuck on projects, or when you just need to voice your ideas to someone.

I am bad at advice so maybe don’t listen to me but also maybe do listen to me. Up to you!!!! See if I care. (I do)(Good luck)(Go blue)(bye). Ok I’ll shut up now bye!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts to “Advice to Gateway Students or Flick Sucks at Titles”

  1. use MORE parentheses (I dare you!!)

    kidding again the () are a fun way to add afterthoughts and makes the piece aggressively ~flick~ and thats dope

  2. Hi Flick,

    As a current Gateway student, I wanted to thank you for encouraging my habits of harassing T and for the gentle reminder that my essays never go where I plan, so I shouldn’t plan the ending anyway. Also, the style of this advice makes me want to incorporate more personality into my writing (like you) with means like parentheses (like this) and exclamation points! (Yay!)


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