Categories and My Portfolio

Ranking (strongest to weakest):

1. Idea

2. Voice

3. Composition

4. Prose

Thought Process Behind the Rankings and Hopes/Fears

My best case scenario for the above categories combining together and complementing each other to create a symphony in writing form is a well executed portfolio where my ideas are original and innovative in a way that allows me to showcase who I am as a writer (voice). In this perfect situation, my voice is powerful enough to evoke emotion and inspire the reader (composition). The quality of my writing (prose) should also contribute to boost the composition. My Repurposing Essay does a good job embodying what I want to do. The format, a letter to the refugees affected by the Muslim Ban, is the idea that gives me a phenomenal platform to use powerful language (prose) and express my own values (voice). For this piece, I want the formatting to be a significant portion of the composition, as I want it all to read and look like a letter. My greatest anxieties about the portfolio and these categories involve concerns that the inconsistency in topic between the Repurposing/Remediation and Why I Write will affect composition of the portfolio. I am always concerned about the quality of my writing, no matter what I am doing so I do have some prose related anxiety.

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