Ethan Wolfe: Who Can You Trust?


What I chose to do for my repurposing — discussing the role of the benchwarmer in sports — dictated the entire theme of my portfolio and the actual content of my remediation and Why I Write essay. My repurposing welcomed me to write with a more personal, conversational tone. I didn’t have to do much research, I could be a little funny and add pictures, and I was able to demonstrate a more relatable tone. As a result, my remediation became people-centric as I attempted to interview and take pictures of others who could relate to my repurposing. For my Why I Write, I shared similar childhood anecdotes as I did in my repurposed draft, and felt compelled to convey a similar voice in order to maintain distinctiveness in my writing for my portfolio. Subsequently, all of these fallen dominos affected by process notes and certain images I posted on my site.

Had I not chosen to repurpose my feature article from The Michigan Daily, I would have repurposed a speech I wrote for the forensics team my junior year of high school. It was a heavily-researched piece about the ubiquity of sugar in our diets, and steps to mitigate some of its harmful effects. I can’t say for sure exactly what my repurposed topic would have been, but it would have centered around food. Undoubtedly, this would’ve made my portfolio perhaps more universally appealing provided what I would have done with my remediation and pictures on my website. Also, given the research I used in the original piece, the voice I would have used would be completely different, potentially emphasizing more professionalism in my portfolio.

So, Why do I trust myself in my assessment of Why I Write if I didn’t paint the whole picture? I have no reason not to trust my assessment, though. I’ve never interpreted writing as a skill that could just go unrealized. And I definitely believe that the process I took when wanting to emphasize my education in writing was an accumulation of other schoolwork and interests of mine. I also make the claim that I’ve never really thought of myself as a great writer, and that is perhaps a condition of me surrounding myself with excellent writers. The only reason I may have included some details that were influenced by my repurposing was to further detail the character I wanted to illustrate.

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