Improving the Online Sports Article

I am having particular trouble finding a genre with a form that needs improving. I would think that the form that most writers use would be the best there is, otherwise why would they continue to use it?

A large portion of the pieces that I read are about sports. I have found that I enjoy reading about sports, which would make sense because of my passion for sports, but I do feel that the experience associated with reading online sports articles could be improved with a minor addition to the current format.

As it is now, sports articles can simply provide the reader with an adequate illustration of the situation by using strong imagery while also not taking away from the substance of the article. One way to give the reader a fuller picture of the situation would be to simply show the reader what happened. Fortunately almost every sporting event is broadcast and recorded by a camera to ensure that each and every play is captured for the ages. Integration of these videos into the normal article would significantly help the reader to understand the situation and grasp the significance of any specific play a writer decides to highlight.

I can see how this might be a distraction for the reader, to have to switch from reading to watching, so one way to avoid this becoming a problem is to make the videos an optional component to the reading experience. Present the reader with the opportunity to watch the video, but don’t make it necessary to watch the video to understand the dialogue.

This addition wouldn’t work for print articles for obvious reasons.

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  1. Hi Justin, another effective way that sports articles are changing is through embedding other media like tweets and posts into articles. This is something I have to do when I write sports recaps for my internship. I think embedding tweets are a good way to give the reader a different visual without totally distracting them from the message of the article!

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