Modifying Resumes

I hate writing them, you hate writing them (maybe you like writing them and you should contact me), and they’re full of boilerplate! It’s beyond me how an employer can judge a person based on a few pieces of paper and a list of achievements that may or may not be true. There are sometimes interviews involved, but they’re often a second step (the resume is what gets you the interview). Since life is a narrative, I’d want to¬†create more of a narrative in my resume. I want employers to remember that¬†these pieces of paper represent individuals. However, not everyone will be comfortable writing prose. My brother hates writing personal essays, but is a brilliant scientific writer. So to even the playing field, resume writing will be judged on honesty. The idea is to strip the document of boilerplate and offer specific truths under each “heading”. They don’t need to be beautifully crafted, just genuine. The layout would need to remain organized (split up into categories and headings), but the dates and locations can be integrated. This means that employers will have to read the resume more closely to get all of the information. And people should be able to write in first person!

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