My Capstone Project: The Chat Room

I can’t believe the time to share my project is here! It’s definitely still a work in progress because I am still editing podcasts and the website, but I am very excited to have the final product completed next week and to share a glimpse right now. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with me about the project!


The Chat Room is a three episode podcast series that explores how people’s behavior on social media varies in different contexts. It seeks to answer some of the most urgent questions in society today: Would you share the same thing on Snapchat to your best friends as you would on Facebook where you’re friends with your grandma? Which social media platform did you share your overwhelming enthusiasm when Beyoncé announced her twin pregnancy?

This podcast has two purposes: first, to inform others on how different social media contexts dictate what, how, and why people share what they do, and second, to make you smile and maybe even laugh about the topic that seems to consume our society more and more each day. So what are you waiting for? Join The Chat Room.


Feel free to look as pensive as Ryan Gosling when listening to my podcast.

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Thank you guys for being such an awesome, inspiring group of people. I can’t wait to experience all of your projects.

Anna Prenzler

Anna is a senior studying business with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. She believes you can never sing or laugh enough, and you must write things down for two reasons - to remember what happens in your life and to feel something.

2 thoughts to “My Capstone Project: The Chat Room”

  1. Hey Anna! I just looked at your website and I think it looks great! I really like how clean and easy to use the site is. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but your podcasts are so fun and I love how you were able to work on a topic you’re interested in in such a unique way. I can’t wait to see the final site!

  2. Hi Anna! I really enjoyed your use of Squarespace. It seems like most of the class used Wix, so it’s nice to see another layout. I also think that the clean feel of your website fits your site content well. I can’t wait to listen to your podcasts once they post!

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