My Capstone Project!!!

After a semester of working on this, I can’t believe how far this project has come. AND that I can finally say that it is pretty much done – I still need to change a few things on the capstone site, but it is almost in its final form!!

As you can see in the image below, the home page for my capstone site turned out pretty cool. In live mode, the clock ticks and the background changes, too.

The final website creation process ended up being a huge overhaul of the website I had originally created in the gateway course, with a link from that site to the new site I created exclusively for my capstone. Essentially, I had the task of creating two websites (AKA huge headache for Amanda).

But, I am SO pleased with how it turned out. I feel that keeping my “home site” separate from the capstone plays well to the fact that I truly want my capstone to be an educational resource on goals and resolutions for undergraduate college students. In addition, I went a lot into college health, which I think is a relevant addition to the goals and resolutions theme. As a way of researching and putting together my portfolio, I primarily used observational and secondary research, as well as including my own personal health story and experience with resolutions.

Since they are different websites, I did have the issue of deciding on whether or not to have “about me” pages on both, (since I didn’t know which path the viewer would take to see each site). Because of this risk, I included one on each site, in the chance that the viewer goes straight to my capstone portfolio instead of my home site. I hope this choice is effective and doesn’t come across as repetitive. I’d love any input on this!

Some questions I have for feedback: Is the transition from my home site to my capstone a smooth one? Do you feel that the layout of the capstone site does my project justice? Are there any sections I should expand on?

Overall, I am super pleased with how this turned out! Feel free to check the sites out!

This is the link for my home site

This is the link for my capstone site


Thank you,


Amanda Kemmer

Amanda (noun): Ross BBA senior. Avid puppy lover. Detroit International Half-Marathon runner.

2 thoughts to “My Capstone Project!!!”

  1. Amanda, I love your idea to link the websites how you did. This works really well because the capstone really warrants it’s own space, but it compliments your portfolio well!

  2. Hi Amanda!

    I love the way your tabs are organized!! The way that I read it, I went through each tab from left to right, and it really guided me throughout your project. It makes breaking up a lot of text really easy to read and explore. This might have been intuitive to you, but I literally just changed the tabs on my capstone project to be organized the way that I want it to be read–genius.

    Just one tiny thing, I think for your letter to the writer, you should include more questions for feedback.

    Anyways, great job!

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