Portfolio Categories: Lauren Weiss


  1. Prose
  2. Voice
  3. Ideas/Concepts
  4. Composition/Environment


Ideally, I would like these all to be so meshed together that you can’t tell where one ends and one begins. But I don’t know where to start…to get somewhere close to fluidity, the composition of the website itself needs to be inviting. Once you draw the reader in,  elegant prose prevents the reader from getting distracted. A clear voice from the writer also helps the reader to engage and draws them into the world of the website and the writer. However, the stylistic aspects of the work are moot if the ideas and concepts can’t stand on their own…finally, as you transition from piece to piece, you want the environment to remain stable and inviting so that the reader continues through to the end of the portfolio. I think that my prose is avoiding awkwardness pretty well, and that my voice is clear in my writing. I often write how I speak, actually. But I’m worried about the solidity of my ideas and concepts, and about how inviting my website is. At this point, it’s kind of bland, and I’m not sure how to make the transition between remediation, repurposing, and Why I Write more gentle. Right now it’s pretty jumpy. And I really want to make the space itself more of a place for viewers to engage with ideas, but I’m not sure how to go about it.


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