Portfolio Categories Ranking – Max Rysztak

Ranking (Strongest to Weakest)

  1. Prose
  2. Composition/Environment
  3. Idea/Concept
  4. Voice



For my portfolio, I hope to see my prose as the standout category. While I believe the environment my work is presented (ie. the website) is important to my overall portfolio, I prefer it to go unnoticed by the user/reader. I hope that simplicity and general familiarity with other websites will not cause a distraction to some of the ideas presented in my remediation/repurposing. My prose, additionally, is a strong part of my overall portfolio (with maybe the exception of the Why I Write essay) yet I feel the ideas are not relatively complex. I think my concept for repurposing and original ideas for the paper are unique, I don’t know how profound they are compared to others. Finally, I feel that a voice is something lacking in my portfolio. I think this is a hard problem to fix given the nature of my writings, and other than the Why I Write essay, I don’t think the readers are presented with a clear voice in my portfolio. I don’t know, however, how important a lack of voice is because of my more professional tone.

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