Reimagining the Social Commentary

The genre that comes to mind that I’m pretty familiar with is one I’m not really sure how to name. It’s those pieces that usually come out after a particularly salient pop culture moment, such as the recent Pepsi advertisement or when a celebrity does something stupid, and some Buzzfeed writer publishes a piece that’s like “Why Pepsi is Satan” or “How Justin Bieber’s Snapchat is Causing Illiteracy.” While I’m all for social commentary, I think these pieces often lack perspective and tend to make the problem seem like it has life or death stakes. I think a better way of doing this, and one that I sometimes see, would be in more of a podcast format. Having a discussion rather than a monologue, incorporating different voices, and even having some constraint as to how long you could talk about this issue before moving on would provide the social commentary and analysis of pop culture without some of the hysteria that might not be necessary.

Emily Fishman

Hi! My name is Emily Fishman and I am a senior from Houston, Texas. I'm an English major, and a brand-new Writing minor. I also work for Sweetland as a peer consultant, so needless to say I love writing

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