Welcome to The World E-Portfolio

Wow, the time has finally come to present my E-Portfolio to the world. When I started my portfolio, I had the traditional setup that solely listed a Home Page, Bio, my Capstone Project, and my Evolution Essay. However, after analyzing my portfolio, I decided to mix it up.

Instead of having a traditional E-Portfolio, I decided to start a blog that correlates with my Vegan Instagram. On the blog, I share various recipes for affordable plant-based meals. I also have a “College” section that shares my work from the Minor In Writing. Instead of using this portfolio for just the Capstone Project, I plan to use it as a daily blog and share it with my Instagram followers.

I am excited and ready to share my website with my Instagram community. A few people have asked for my recipes, and now the site will provide an easy place for everyone to access them. I hope that people will subscribe to my blog, cook my recipes, and share if they liked the food. I also look forward to people offering substitutions that make my meals more allergy friendly.

Please check out my site at www.sweetenedcoco.wix.com/site and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts to “Welcome to The World E-Portfolio”

  1. Hey Chloe!

    It has been such a pleasure following your food journey on instagram. I was surprised when you said you didn’t have a social media presence, and so you really jumped right in with this portfolio!
    Your portfolio is so professional and functional, I hope it takes off well. Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂

  2. Your Instagram is so legit! I am so impressed with how much effort you put in all semester to post every day and try out so many recipes. Your Instagram looks so professional and I think adding the blog was such a nice touch!

  3. Your website looks really nice! I think it’s great that you expanded beyond the Instagram account to a blog with recipes. Just like I said to Meredith, I like how your project is applicable beyond the Writing 420 classroom. I plan on using some of these recipes in the future! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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