Who Can You Trust? Me – Max Rysztak

Having selected a piece on the Arab-Israeli conflict in the beginning of the semester, I think my portfolio became instantly more “professional” than had I chosen a different piece to remediate/repurpose. This essay made my portfolio instantly more political, professional, and career-oriented than many portfolios tend to be. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to create an overly expressive/creative environment through a website, while at the same time successfully arguing facts about how a militia force had a unique impact on a nation’s eventual established military. Professionalism, argumentation, and subtleties were going to have to be present on my website in order for the whole environment to work with the content.

That being said, I don’t think much of my portfolio would’ve changed had I selected a different piece. Whether it be this exact one on the Arab-Israeli conflict, or whether it be one for a political science class on modern political argumentation, I think my portfolio would still be professional and argumentative in nature. It wouldn’t have affected my “Why I Write” or the environment – other than that it could be more partisan, had I chosen a Michigan Daily Article for example.

I largely trust myself in my own mind, but I don’t trust I have written what I am actually trying to say. I think I know – personally – why I write, and I deeply trust that assessment. Yet I am less confident that I have precisely articulated my reasoning. I think for me, my motivations are very clear and not as complex, maybe they are and I just see them as simple. But being motivated by my political surroundings, my competitiveness, my passion for debate, and my love of persuasion is truly who I am as a person and it’s truly why I write.



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