Who Can You Trust? Me! Probably?

Would my portfolio have been different?

The choice to repurpose my Daily article about my “crisis of creativity” and my need for structure totally influenced almost every, if not every, choice I made for my portfolio. My “why I write” is thematically inseparable from the through-lines of both my remediation and my repurposing. My site is designed to feel inviting and mirrored, in hopes that it will represent the mirrored narrative of the positive and negative side of my experience as well as the personal nature of the writing. The way in which one navigates through my portfolio is also tied to that first choice of subject, as the “forced march” is indicative of the journey I went on, and the journey I am basically forcing my audience on with me.

The other top contender for my repurposing was a piece I wrote for a Shakespeare class on the nature of Shakespeare’s authorship through the lens of a prompt book of Richard III. I wanted to pull out questions of what does it mean to write, maybe do research on the rewriting of Shakespeare as well as his collaboration, and I could totally see my repurposed piece being a research paper basically proving that Shakespeare didn’t write anything in a vacuum (or even wholly on his own). My remediation would have probably tackled that question of “what is authorship” that I so poorly circled around in the original piece. I still think my “why I write” would have been linked to the previous two pieces in this speculative portfolio, but less so. I think, since I was pondering the question of what it means to write in collaboration or if any writing actually done alone, that I would have addressed my opinion on those topics in the third piece, but it would not be dependent on the first two. Finally, I think my portfolio design would be different. I imagine the whole thing feeling a little less personal (colder, maybe?) to match the sort of somber tone I was taking. Since the pieces would not be connected, no forced march would be necessary.

Can I trust my assessment of why I write?

I feel like based on the journey of my why I write piece, I trust myself pretty well in the assessment of why I write. Because my repurposing and remediation are both about who I am as a writer, I feel like I’ve sat with this idea for a whole semester, so the conclusions I’m drawing feel legitimate. I think my why I write feels pretty honest, and some of the things I claim in the piece are things that I haven’t ever claimed before, which makes them feel a bit like revelations. I think I have kind of a cop-out built into my piece because I basically conclude that I don’t know what I write, so it feels like I’m not saying anything I don’t trust. Probably.

Emily Fishman

Hi! My name is Emily Fishman and I am a senior from Houston, Texas. I'm an English major, and a brand-new Writing minor. I also work for Sweetland as a peer consultant, so needless to say I love writing

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