Writing Categories: Casey Lyons

  1. Voice
  2. Composition/Environment
  3. Prose
  4. Idea/Concept 

The most important aspect of my portfolio is my voice- my audience has to understand who I am, and that has to come off in my writing if my idea is going to work at all. I’m hoping that the style of my portfolio (environment) is indicative of who I am as a person so that it amplifies the voice in my writing even more. As for the prose, the lax approach is very “Casey,” but I’m worried it’s going to rub readers in the wrong way- either they’ll love it or they’ll hate it, and I’m not sure exactly what will happen. I’m afraid that my idea is also a bit controversial, and I’m not sure if asserting my personality on a controversial idea is the best approach. I have a few reservations about my portfolio in regards to style- too many picture from Europe? Can you really guess anything about someone’s personality from pictures of coffee? -but I am hoping those are offset with my work. Excited/nervous to see how it’ll play out!

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