Following Cat Marnell

I read Cat’s piece “I’D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW: Do You Prefer Vanilla?”. Clicking on the article and seeing a photo of a lotion I figured it was a product review. I hate product reviews, mainly because they are boring, but also because it’s either someone who absolutely LOVES the product too much to not be working for them or someone who absolutely HATES it and probably hates most things in the world because they are so dang negative. Anyways, I kept reading to see which Cat was going to be. She was honestly neither. It didn’t seem to be a conventional product review at all. The “vanilla” she referred to not only was referencing the lotion, but also the scent altogether and the characteristic. She exclaims how she wishes she was vanilla rather than just smelled like it. I laughed thinking about whether people would consider my personality “vanilla”. Now that i’m writing that, I would hope not. I’d like to believe I am a little different, but who really knows. Anyways, Cat’s writing is super unconventional and I love it. I can’t wait to finish her book “How to Murder Life” and hopefully by the end of it I know how to murder life as carefree as she does.

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