How Writing Leads to My Own Thinking

Each day we grow and change. Writing is an imperative tool to discovering and understanding new experiences. Writing allows me to unearth my thoughts and reflect on issues that are important to me. Throughout the day, thoughts race through my mind, and it is crazy to believe that I probably won’t remember a large part of these thoughts that run through my mind. Writing allows me to capture as much as I can.

In the article, the writer, Lynn Hunt, highlights how most problems in writing tend to come from anxiety. She writes the anxiety comes from the unconscious realization that your writing is all you. The feeling of inadequacy can arise as well, especially when you could be accused of poor research or writing. Furthermore, she explains how writers often will hide behind fluffy words and passive voices to mask their anxiety about their writing.

I can relate to this idea primarily because when I was beginning my writing career I had the same qualms. In the Minor in Writing program and this class, I hope to shed the bit of “blog fright” (like stage fright but for writers) that I have and feel more comfortable sharing my written thoughts with individuals. In the beginning, it is scary to share your thoughts, especially when you know your audience is large. Additionally, I identify with the author’s comments about how unsatisfying it is to hide behind long, winded sentences and confusing structure. At that point, no reader cares enough to sift through the maze and understand your writing.

At the end of the piece, the author discusses how an individual is not born a writer but rather develops into one. It is often assumed by a certain age, you are a competent writer. You have picked up skills over the years, and so now you know how to write well. I agree with the author’s closing remarks in that although there may not be one way to do writing well, it is crucial that we pay attention to writing. Writing is the vehicle in which we express ourselves for an infinite amount of time. It is vital skill, and it should be appreciated as one.

As a writer, I want to be satisfied with the work I present, and this means presenting my best work, minus the fluff. A goal I have for this semester is to become more comfortable sharing my work with larger audiences as well. I often journal, but that writing is just for myself. Through these blogs, I hope to grow my writing and take more risks with what I choose to say. Throughout the minor, I hope to continue to develop my writing and focus on using more poignant, well structured sentences. I also hope to explore additional genres of writing like prose and fiction.

Source: “10 Cartoons about Writing”

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