Interacting with Outside Literature

The final paper of my English 225 class (academic argumentation) was an investigative analysis essay, which involved creating a claim-based argument “supported by evidence from research.” I decided to write about the return of golf to the Olympics in 2016, and engaged with a myriad of websites, journal articles, and published research to familiarize myself with the topic and develop my own stance on the issue. While finding credible research was straightforward, the process of interacting with these sources while developing my own claim was very challenging.

Looking forward to the capstone project, I believe the biggest obstacle will be cohesively blending primary research into my writing while also developing my own voice. The investigative analysis paper I wrote in English 225 taught me how to utilize outside sources to advance my own claims. However, if I write a health science research paper based on the data I have collected over the past year regarding cleft lip and palate patient compliance for my capstone project, I will face the added challenge of integrating novel results with outside research. That is, I will need to frame and support my findings with relevant research performed by others.

To overcome this challenge, I plan to find a “model paper” on PubMed, and follow the general format and rhetorical strategies as I create my piece of writing. This will allow me to expand upon the skills I developed in English 225, and further prepare myself for a potential career in medicine by enhancing my ability to interact with the health science research community.

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