Introduction to the Minor

Hey everyone! My name is Henry Milek, and I am a Junior English Major currently in the Gateway course for the minor in Writing. Whenever people hear that I am an English major, they always start asking me about books, assuming that I read a lot. The truth is, I’m probably one of the least well-read people in the department, not for the lack of joy of a good book, but simply because it is not my go-to choice of entertainment. The real reason that I’m an English major is because I love writing, and I can think of few other programs that allow for the kind of writing I enjoy than English. I’ve always felt that I communicate better through writing, and have received much encouragement from family and teachers throughout my life that has pushed me into pursuing a profession in which I could use that skill to its full potential, which brings me to this program. Whereas my major coursework is more of a practice of my skills on an academic level, I hope here to enhance my technical skills as a writer, preparing myself for a more diverse array of situations in both “real world” situations as well as my future coursework. More than anything else, though, I’m here to expand upon my passion, and in that regard, I’m quite grateful for what this program has to offer.

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