MiW Introduction

Hi, my name is Jae Heon Lee but I go by James here. I’m from South Korea, but I’ve been a student in the US for almost a decade. This is my third year at UMich, and in addition to the minor, I plan on majoring in linguistics and international studies. Among my passions are travel, music, film and literature, but during my college years I primarily plan on delving into language and developing a cosmopolitan perspective. Even though language is perhaps the greatest component of my academic pursuit, and even though I often picture myself as an author someday, I have not had the experience of writing regularly and receiving constructive feedback on a consistent basis. So with the minor, I look forward to both substantiating my identity as a writer and figuring out effective plans for my creative process. I think I most admire the writers who say the most with the least, such as Samuel Beckett. I am also a big fan of lyricism in 90’s hiphop music.

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