Small Staid/Tolentino Discussion


I read her piece called “The Personal-Essay Boom is Over” online in The New Yorker. I found the piece lighthearted and engaging. The piece was most likely ideally for an audience familiar with the personal-essay genre, having read and engaged with the genre previously. Beyond that, I think it could be considered for both people who like the genre and who dislike the genre, since it doesn’t necessarily make claims for or against the genre exclusively. I think I am probably a part of the audience since I have read, engaged with and written personal-essays, though naturally mine have not been professionally published. I enjoyed the piece and would like to further engage with her writing since I find it to be both raw and honest.


Small Staid:

I read her piece called “Pentimenti” online in The Narrative. I found it both hard to follow and above my level of comprehension. Since I am not well-versed in various genres of literacy, I did not find myself a part of the ideal audience. I think her ideal audience would be someone well-versed and highly literate. They would need to be able to understand and be able to engage with her various references in order to fully appreciate her work. I think her work is of high quality, however, I do not find myself itching to further explore her writing.

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