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“13 reasons why” makes a swarmy spectacle of suicide – Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker, May 10, 2017

I read Jia Tolentino’s review on the Netflix Original Series – 13 Reasons Why, produced by Selena Gomez, published in The New Yorker. While she criticizes the show for exaggerating certain scenes and aspects of the story by comparing to the portrayals in the book, she makes a valid point towards addressing suicidal thoughts and attempts to her audience. I think her audience is people who relate themselves with the protagonist of the show, Hannah Baker, as well as those who might have experienced such thoughts and attempts. Through this review, she highlights how the show depicted certain issues with great complexity, while the book kept it direct and simple. Personally, I have not read the book but willingly watched the show out of interest over two days. Following the show, I read a couple of mixed reviews about the show and how different people took it from different perspectives. So, I found it interesting to note the varied differences between the book and the show, and was convinced by her strong tone of criticism against the show.

Girl in a Country Song –┬áMairead Small Staid, The Point Magazine, 2014

I read a criticism piece by Mairead Small Staid on the pop song “Girl in a Country Song,” released in 2014. The audience that this is written to, I believe, is the group of country-songs lovers and those who follow music and song reviews. As an outsider, I am not much interested in music in general and do not actively read music critics. However, an important point that she does bring up in this article is the notion that “country music doesn’t take women seriously.” Objectification and stereotyping against women is a prominent theme throughout the article that is touched upon with references from the song video.

Girl in a Country Song

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