Tolentino & Staid


1.) I read “How ‘Empowerment’ Became Something for Women to Buy” from the New York Times Magazine.

2.) The piece seems ideally written for a decently accomplished working woman, specifically employed in some form of corporate field. The article uses a lot of common references to popular culture (Kardashians/Miley Cyrus/sending nudes/TED) and continually references the technological and media sources Tolentino acquires her perspective on Empowerment from. The message seems to call attention to how the highly marketable concept of women’s empowerment is often manipulated by corporations and reserved to those who already have access to it.

3.) I think it is written for the audience I plan to enter into ( highly-educated working female). Therefore, while it wasn’t for me currently, it presented itself as a cautionary tale for the future.


Small Staid:

1.) I read “The 27th Letter” through the Poetry Foundation.

2.) It is hard to say what audience the article best catered to. The tone is rather informative, because it continually refers back to definitions and historical uses of the ampersand. However, there are some references that missed me. For example, I wasn’t sure what Andrew & Martha alluded to, nor what who some of the bands and TV shows were. However, Staid puts a contemporary edge on her writing by quoting former president Barack Obama’s campaign slogan. It reads more like a case study with a hint of voice–so the ideal audience would have to have some genuine interest in relatively small things (your detail-oriented people) with some poetic inclinations. This is echoed by the fact that it is published through a poetry site.

3.) I think in some ways this piece catered to me because I like nuances, but in other ways I felt too young for some of the examples. It still had me as an audience simply because I had never considered the difference between the ampersand and the word “and” before, so I felt like I had to rectify some ignorance through reading the article.

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  1. Hi Nicole!
    The first piece you mentioned seems really interesting and like it definitely has various underlying messages within the text. I definitely want to give it a read, so thank you for the heads up on the content 🙂

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