Tolentino/Small Staid Articles

“Louis Sachar, The Children’s-Book Author Who Introduced Me to Style” by Jia Tolentino in The New Yorker

Audience: People who know Louis Sachar is some capacity. Also, possibly those who have had a similar experience with childhood fascinations becoming influences in their adult lives. One might not have to know who Sachar is to be interested in how his stories impacted the writer’s style.

My Location: I was drawn to this article because I wanted to know how a children’s book could influence style. As I read it, i was thinking about which things from my childhood were reflected in my personality as I grew up. Which is why I think the second part of my statement about audience could be true.

“The 27th Letter” by Mairead Small Staid from Poetry Magazine

Audience: People who read Poetry Magazine, and must have a certain level of interest in the English Language as well as its history.

My Location: I do not read Poetry Magazine, but this piece stood out because I am an English major, and so I am interested in reading about a 27th letter. This piece about the ampersands is written to be informative, but it’s also very poetic. I wasn’t expecting to find anything like this.


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