Other Authors on Cat Marnell

Rachel Tashjian of Vanity Fair interviewed Cat Marnell. She recognizes her free-spirited demeanor and seems to admire it in some ways. She also seems a bit skeptical about her overall, though she never explicitly says that. I happen to think Cat is hilarious and Rachel does recognize this, but she seems to discredit her writing in an under-toned way. This is the last line of the article:

“But what are you gonna do?” she said, discussing her haters. “Wear a unicorn wig and send God the bill—right?”

I find this to be the perfect description of Cat. As I have followed her as a writer and read numerous pieces she has written, I have found she is pretty good at deterring from the “haters”. I admire her in that way, as it is sometimes hard to not let other people’s opinions get to you!


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