Tracking an Author(s): Klosterman & Koul

The author I chose to follow was Chuck Klosterman. If I’m being honest, his work first caught my eye on the basis of his latest book’s (X) aesthetic: an all black, matte cover with “X” printed simply and boldly in white on the cover. As I flipped through his essays I was drawn to his style of writing; although Klosterman is known for frequently discussing popular topics in the world of athletics, he writes in an effortless, conversational tone that makes it easy for readers of any background to follow what he is saying (even if they really have no idea what’s going on). As I began to research more of his works, I discovered that Klosterman has been published in several popular media outlets, such as ESPN, The New York Times, GQ, Adweek, the LA Times, Rolling Stone, and Spin. Given Klosterman’s proclivity for sports journalism, I then decided to track another, less well-known essayist: Scaachi Koul. Although Koul now has a book out (One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter), she began as a Buzzfeed writer, and slowly expanded her list of venues as her works gained recognition. Although Koul’s work can now be found in popular outlets such as The New Yorker and The New York Times, she began by being published in The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, Hazlitt, The Hairpin, Jezebel, Maisonneuve, Motherboard, and Flare. Following these two very different authors (both in content, style and background) was really useful for me, for I can now see how one’s work can take off (really in any direction) given the right venue. It was also interesting to recognize that despite their different paths, they are now both published authors whose work I stumbled upon on the same shelf while visiting Literati.

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