Tracking an Author: Sallie Tisdale

I first discovered Sallie Tisdale when I stumbled upon an excerpt from her latest publication, Violation. The particular piece that I read was taken from an essay in which she discusses what it was like to be a high school teacher, and the stark, gender-stereotypical differences she observed between the boys’ and girls’ writing. I appreciated her candidacy as she acknowledged a topic we are all far too aware of, but often seem to overlook given the ubiquity of its occurrence. What I most enjoyed about her writing is that it was simultaneously reflective and personal, but also analytic and professional, which enabled her to discuss a fairly common topic in a seemingly novel way.

Like many of the authors I have previously tracked, much of Tisdale’s work can be found in Harper’s Magazine, and The New Yorker. Tisdale has also written for the Antioch Review, Conjunctions, Threepenny Review, and Tricycle. Violation, the collection of essays I discussed above, was published by Hawthorne Books, whose name I believe I came across during my trip to Literati Book stores, but whose collection of authors I did not recognize in my research following my discovery of Tisdale. Perhaps I will look into one of Hawthorne Books’ other authors for next week.


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