Trust vs Authority

In a recent conversation, one of my roommates pointed out, “Reddit tells you the truth.” I, too, have considered Reddit one of the few outlets on the World Wide Web from which I can often encounter raw, uncensored information that sheds a unique light to my understanding of the world free from institutional imposition. I view similarly rappers such as Mobb Deep and Gang Starr, and comedians like Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock. But I also realized that I would turn less often to these voices for quick fact-checks or answers to my practical reality, than I would to college professors or The Economist. Most of these voices I deem trustworthy possess a tone of some sort of resistance to the establishment, yet it is the most established voices in which I see the most promising sense of authority. Even though I strive not to trust individuals like Heidegger and Schopenhauer whose paths I don’t wanna trace, it’s hard to deny their authority that lurks in my head. And I still can’t figure out if my general disillusionment with the institution is nothing more than a typical adolescent tendency that only amounts to a fabricated binarism. At least within my perspective, authority often functions as an alignment with the institution, and the harder I try to steer away from it, the clearer its importance seems in turn.

And interestingly, we’ve all been taught at school not to rely too much on Wikipedia, but no student seems to have fully refrained from seeking answers first and foremost from it.

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