Trustworthy and Authority

In this article in the Detroit News, columnist (and my almost professor, but that’s another topic) Nolan Finley talked about how Rick Snyder’s policy agenda is being stifled by the constitutional limit on the number of terms a member of the State Legislature may serve. As I read this, I found myself not opposed to the points being made, as I personally believe that term limits in Michigan have set our state back decades with regards to policy, and particularity hurts chances of progressive policy making it’s way through the legislative process. I do however, not trust Finley, as he is notoriously conservative, and I firmly think that carrying policy debates with extremely conservative pundits leads itself to the fallacy of giving an inch, but having a mile taken. While I do agree with Finley here, I don’t know what his ulterior motive is, and that makes me not trust him. I do however, not question his authority to speak on this topic, as he is one of the foremost voices on state level policy in Michigan. His columns, while disagreeable to me, do represent the voice of many Metro-Detroit white people who identify as the same type of traditional conservative that Finley represents.

In this article in “The Oddessy Online” the author – a college student at Bowling Green State University, talks about her rejection of Feminism, and her embrace of the notion that men and women are not equal. While I absolutely disagree with her, at first glance, one would not find her untrustworthy. As members of a dynamic society, we must elevate the voices of underrepresented groups, including women and people of color. In this case, I trust the opinion of a 18 year old college student, and no person is more trustworthy with regard to gender issues. However, the breakdown happens due to the lack of authority that the author carries. She has no lived experience to justify her points, and has never experienced many of the things in the professional and adult world that drive the need for feminism. I also strongly question the motivation behind her views, as parental influence has a large effect on one’s political views.

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