Truth Vs. Authority

The article I read by Brit Marling on Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent made me appreciate Marling’s writing style and allowed me to trust her as an author and a source of information. She intertwines her own personal experience with the current events surrounding the community. She does a fantastic job of explaining how her understanding of economics played a role in her own personal well being, and impacted her decision to break away to the Hollywood industry. Her explanation of all her personal experience allowed me to trust her as a writer. Her writing was not authoritative and in turn, allowed me to trust her more.

I read another article with almost the same subject matter as Marling’s. A CNN article illustrated the straight news to why John Besh, a famous top chef in New Orleans left his company because of sexual harassment allegations. However, this story had a strong authoritative tone, which I felt was disingenuous to the subject matter. I respected the authority of what she was saying, but I did not trust her as a person. Her authority as a straight business writer is respectable and I believe everything she says in this article, however her tone of voice and the lack of personal connection to this piece leads me to believe that I cannot trust her.


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