An Update

A week ago, while doing an in-class writing on challenges that I was facing, I wrote that I know the genre of writing I will attempt, as well as the subject matter I will write about, but that I felt like I didn’t have an argument. Fortunately, I think that I have made a lot of progress on that front over the past week. Last Wednesday I met with Tim and Tom, two PhD students in the Industrial Engineering department who are doing research on accessibility to public services in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago. This means they study things like the percentage of people who live within walking distance to a grocery store. After telling them that I was interested in writing about health disparities related to cardiovascular disease, they offered to help me see if there is a link between their accessibility data and publicly available data on health outcomes. So I think that this analysis will be central point that my other writing coalesces around.

Another problem I’ve been facing is that it’s hard to find the time and energy to write. A lot of classmates have mentioned this in their blog posts, but it’s a very busy time of the semester for all of my classes, and as I’m also in the process of applying for jobs, it’s hard to find uninterrupted blocks of time to work on my project. Overall, I am excited that my project seems to be coming into focus, but disappointed that it’s not progressing faster. Considering how my project has changed, and taking into account the busyness of life right now, I will have to reorganize my timeline to make sure that I will be able to have a finished product by December.

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  1. Deniz – I am very happy to hear that you have connected with some helpful mentors. The project they have proposed sounds a lot like what I have been working on, at least from a health disparities standpoint, so I am very excited to see where your project goes. However, did they mention how long it will take to produce the data? I only ask because my project took almost a year, which is 8 months longer than I anticipated.

    I can definitely empathize with the time crunch. Writing seems most productive when you can sit down for 5 hours and get a lot down at once, but those large chunks of time are hard to come by in the midst of exams/applications/etc. Perhaps you could set aside time well in advance to work on the project?

    Thanks again for the sharing your thoughts! Looking forward to seeing your work progress.

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