Creating a Webpage

I found the process of reevaluating my project format and turning it into a website very interesting. I have my own personal website that I created with all of my recent work in. I knew that creating the site for my final project would be very different, my personal website serves as a compilation of my work experience and design portfolio. My personal site does not have a cohesive message or purpose much like the one I am creating for my project will have. I really enjoyed creating a written out version of my site and sharing it with a partner, I think it really helped me get all my ideas down first before seeing what the host site I choose has to offer. I am going into the tech field and having experience doing information architecture has helped me a lot with creating the site for my project. I chose to structure my personal site in a way that requires my user to click through my whole project, in order to keep them engaged. I aim to have this site function as a gallery or digital version of my life experiences so I am trying to structure the site so that they do not obviously know it was for a class project. I am intertwining my beginning and end pages so they include my personal reflection, and I think my users will be able to easily access it while also still being interested in the content.

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