Following a venue: Daily Shouts from The New Yorker

This week I stumbled upon the Daily Shouts section in The New Yorker, and it was interesting to read through a couple of short photo essays that concisely explained situations through humorous images and short phrases. I really liked seeing a different form of medium of representing information (here, using images) that serve the theme of the piece. For example, Trevor Spaulding effectively explains “The Trendiest Parenting Fears of 2017” using the simplest colored illustrations that gear towards parents of today. As a young adult, I completely agree with those “fears” since they speak the changing technological, political, and cultural lifestyles of today. ( Another similar essay is the one by Miss Lasko-Gross where she tells us “Things to Secretly Love About NYC.” Having been to NYC only three times, I could see a couple specific “things” that culturally remain special about NYC. ( ) Looking at the two pieces, I would say that the authors do not have much authority over their works but because they speak of trends and places, I do find them trustworthy.

Overall, I loved the modes in which these two pieces have been presented, since sometimes pictures speak more than long passages do. Caricatures and funny drawings are also eye-catching to the readers’ that gathered my attention to those above.

Apoorvee Singhal

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