Howard Markel Literati Talk

Tonight, I went to go see Howard Markel speak about his experiences as a writer and how he came to be the individual he was today. I really loved hearing him talk about his passions, he focused a lot on how he caters to his audience and how he formulates his ideas, all of which amazed me. I did not know anything about Markel going into the talk, as someone who does not study medicine, I was not familiar with his work. I thought his story about his education was interesting and something I had never thought of before. I had never heard of an english major applying to med school, to me it seemed impossible. While he was talking about how he came to become the scholar he is today, I found it interesting how much he touched on his love for writing. In a field where doctors scribble their signature and everything revolves around treating patients and prescribing medicine, I never thought about all the ways writing was involved in the process. It opened my mind to the reality that medical writing is, he writes these books to educate his audience about all the different means of being healthy and what we can learn as readers, about our own body. I really admired the work he did and was very glad I attended the talk this evening.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Your experience at the Literati talk sounds amazing and thank you for sharing it! While reading, I too was surprised to see how English and Medicine can be pursued together both academically and professionally. I would love to hear more about it! 🙂

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