I attempted to make the tone of experiment one as conversational as possible. I wrote the piece to explain my thought process behind different artistic choices I made when writing a short story. As a result, I want the readers to interact and engage with my text. If I chose to flesh this idea out into a full-project (which I don’t plan on doing), I almost think it’d be cool to have the option for readers to respond to the text in the comments. That way, it will have actually been a full conversation where I say my thoughts and they state there’s. In order to achieve a conversational tone, I included many anecdotes (instead of data or other mediums that leave little room for conversation). Additionally, if I were to expand experiment one into a larger piece, I’d discuss possible different ways I could have organized the content (while walking the readers through my thought process) in order to make it more of a conversation.

I attempted to make the tone of my second experiment, a short film, heavy and somber. It’s easy to read about a historical event and have it feel disconnected and unreal. However, I believe that visual mediums can help bing people’s experiences to life. Additionally, I almost feel as if I have an obligation to convey these peoples’ experiences accurately — not romanticized as they normally are. I credit this to spending so much time as a child at my grandparent’s house on a plantation on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. This made learning about the lives’ of slaves much more real to me, and I hope to pass this lesson on the audience of this short film

The tone of my third experiment will be more much informational, informal, and objective. This experiment will be a research paper documenting the realities of living as an African American in the Reconstruction South. As a result, I don’t think it’d be appropriate for the piece to be conversational. If it were, that would open the door for dangerous interpretations of the realities of Southern life. By keeping it objective, I can be as truthful as possible to peoples’ experiences (similar to experiment two). In the same vein, this objective view will help me cut through many of the stereotypes and tropes about life at the time.

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