Tone of Experiments

I attempted to make the tone of my three experiments as conversational as possible. For my first experiment I created a listicle, and knowing the type of audience that an article like that has, I recognized that the tone needed to be both lighthearted and funny. The tone for my second experiment, my Instagram page, I feel was also fairly light hearted, even just based on the color and composition of the pictures. For my final experiment, I looked away from the conversational tone more in order to write a piece that was a little more serious and informational. However, the more I wrote it, the more I realized that the topic would be much more well received and more easily read if the tone of it was a little more light hearted-so I tweaked it slightly to be less serious.

Each of my experiments had an underlying theme of debunking stereotypes. As I did each one, I wrote a lot about how many peoples beliefs are wrong or misguided. This was another reason that  I took a more lighthearted and conversational tone, because while I was telling people that they’re wrong, I needed to also not come from a position that seemed rude or uninviting.

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