Website Format

For me, one of the biggest struggles I’m facing when laying out my website is how I want to display the content. Specifically, I have questions surrounding whether I should have multiple tabs to break up my content or if I should have one long scroll down. With multiple tabs, it makes the content more digestible. Additionally, since it’ll contain my own opinions along with objective facts, multiple tabs will let me separate the two and help lend me more authority. However, since I want to tell a story with this piece, that format breaks it up into hard to follow bits. On the other hand, a long continuous scroll preserves the story, except this preservation is at the cost of readers’ attention. Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy visiting a website that is one long scroll down because it makes the text seem endless and uninviting. As a result, I’m still undecided about which avenue to take. If anyone has any ideas, please leave your suggestions below!

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