Bitter sweet

Minus the bumps in the road and the never ending change in timeline of this process, I am more than satisfied with the final outcome of my project site. Before beginning this course, I never in a million years thought that it would impact my life as much as it did. However, it is the sole reason that I was able to make an immense shift in my life in terms of technology. More specifically, it encouraged me to create a list of 15 ways to use technology less, and furthermore, act on them for 15 days straight. This experience changed my life for the better, and that is all thanks to the minor in writing.

Even though it is upsetting to think about the fact that my minor in writing experience has come to an end, I am happy to know that my project has the ability to improve others lives, just as it did to mine. I encourage all millennials who are reading this post to check out the link to my site below, and to try out my 15 challenges to disCONNECT!

Link to my project site:

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