Choosing a Project Format

In my last post I discussed how I’ve been moving past the academic voice I am used to. Now that I’m trying to write in a “non-expert” style, I’ve decided to structure my project site as a blog (which you can view here). I am dividing my writing into blog posts, each of which will discuss one of the things I learned about urban informatics this semester. This has been made really easy by Wix’s blog post feature, where all I had to do was insert the content into a template and it is automatically organized into the stream format that is recognizable as a blog.

I like this format because I think that I can add new writing to it in the future, and maybe adapt it into a blog that I will update regularly. Although I’m proud of the work that I have done this semester, I have this strange feeling that it should have been easier. Now that my site is finally coming together, it seems like a lot more straightforward of a project than it was. I think this is because I didn’t start off with a familiarity with either the subject matter or the genre that I was writing in, and had to learn both on the fly. Confusion and uncertainty about what I was doing, or what I should do, caused my progress to be slow. And all of the background research I did was necessary to make my blog about its current subject matter. So on second thought, I think that this seeming inefficiency was actually the necessary experimentation I needed to go through to make my project site what it has ended up being.

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  1. Dear Deniz–

    I really loved how you set up your site! I thought that breaking up your writing into the different sections of blog posts was really easy to follow, and it also broke up the text to capture and retain the readers’ attention spans better. (My other English teacher told us that we’re living in a world of 30-second sound bytes (bites??) so we can only hold our readers’ attentions for so long, which is no fault of our own, rather it’s the world’s.) I’m also incredibly inspired that you make a really aesthetically-pleasing blog set-up, because when I tried to make a blog on a wix page, it looked like a fifth grader got his hands on a shit load of Pixie sticks and a computer mouse and went to town.

    You talked about the confusion and uncertainty you had towards the project, and how you felt that those feelings slowed your progress. I totally relate! My “donut-day” didn’t go the way I’d hoped it would AT ALL (read: I was going to get the donuts on Wednesday during the snowfall, my car spun out, and I immediately headed home), and I felt the same way. I was like, “Oh my god, what am I gonna do?!?!” and I spent like an hour freaking out until I realized that I was the proud owner of a phone and could call and text people and do interviews.

    Anyways, I’m glad you powered through, because your site looks great!


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