Choosing Photos

In crafting my website, I decided the best way to format it would be to have one long scroll down page full of information. That way, readers first see why I’m interested in the topic, then read about the history of the south (the main chunk of my content), before ending with my thoughts on the present-day and future implications of the issue. However, the major drawback to this format is that my website appears as one long, intimidating scroll-down. In order to combat this effect, I decided to put in many pictures. I tried my best to make these pictures related to the content either immediately preceding them, or immediately succeeding them. Additionally, at times it was tough to find a picture that captured the mood I was hoping for. For example, I remember searching “Slave Plantation” on the Library of Congress’ website. Blown away by the amount of pictures available, I had to think about the overall aesthetic of the site (I even considered my recent use of a painting instead of a picture, so decided I need to add a black and white photo). Additionally, I tried more often than not to pick photos that incorporated stereotypes/misconceptions about slave life. This was because my entire site is designed to debunk these myths, and the photos (in addition to serving as “page breaks”) allowed me to showcase these misconceptions.

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