final thoughts on the course

Following this experience, I would like to continue to push my limits in my writing abilities, whether that be for myself personally or professionally. I tend to be someone who backs away from tasks I feel I am not good at. I like to be the best I can be at everything I do, constantly┬ástriving for my personal best. Sometimes, though, this puts me at risk of not pursuing feats I don’t feel I can master. Writing was definitely one of those feats when I first arrived at the University of Michigan, however, after three years here and my acceptance and now completion of one semester in the Sweetland Writing Program, I have found myself taking on a feat I did not originally believe I could master. This has been a learning and growing experience for me both personally and educationally and I am grateful I took the leap. I look forward to further involvement and growth within the Sweetland program and am grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself and improve my writing.

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