Good Content Alert

Roughly once a semester, I read or experience something that truly changes my outlook on the world. This can take the form of a poignant op-ed, or a good book. The last few things that did this to me included Street-fight by Janet Sadik-Kahn (my summer game changer), “Still Alive” by Moe Wagner (my Winter 2017 game changer) and Hillary Clinton’s concession speech (my fall 2016 game changer). This semester is no different, and I can safely say that my game changer article of the year is part of the Survivors Speak Series in the Michigan Daily. Draupadi’s Sari¬†was simply that. The author, who chooses to remain anonymous, moved me on a basic human level. The author does an amazing job of commanding the English language in a way that conveys the message, and calls on their community to understand the difficult topics being covered. I hope to one day write something even half as good as this, from a writing or a content perspective. As I reflect on my own experiences, I haven’t had anything like this happen to me, but I can only read it in hopes of gaining the writing skills needed to convey a message through story like this author did.

-Forever moved,


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