I Can’t Stop

As the semester ends and we near the due date and showcase for our final projects (aka it’s tomorrow), I find I literally can’t stop working on my website. I finished writing the content, the pictures are all in place and I am happy with the layout in its entirety, however I keep fidgeting with it. Whether I am changing a sentence, phrase or word or moving a headline a little to the left because it’s not quite centered, I continue to work on it. As I sit in front of my computer for the umpteenth hour, I am wondering if it will ever feel “done” to me. When I write papers, I always hit a point where I am happy with it and that nothing more I do will change the content of it. Yet, with my website, for some reason I feel like changing that one word or moving that headline actually will make a difference. With this mindset, I figure I will be tweaking this site until 2:59 p.m. tomorrow.

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